Loss Adjusting
Beijing Zhongdaxin provides a large range of insurance loss adjusting services to our customers.

Typhoon Insurance Risk Assessment:We provide risk assessment services for the insured risk or before the risk has been insured.
Valuation:We provide valuation for subject insured.
Cause identification:We investigate and evaluate the cause of loss for subject insured.
Claim Adjusting:We provide surveying, estimation of loss and valuation of the claims for subject insured after loss incurred.
Motor Insurance Loss Adjusting:We provide claims adjustments to damaged motor vehicles for all parties to an insurance.
Surveying:We provide investigation and estimation of loss for insured property.
Loading/Unloading Supervision:Provide supervision for loading/unloading freight/cargo for marine, aviation, or land transportations.
Any other loss adjusting related services that are permitted by the CIRC.
Provision of any inspection and supervision related consultancy services.
Provision of insurance claims and loss adjusting training.

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